After helping to grow the young and vibrant Industrial Automation IT company in Johannesburg, we where acquired by a corporate IT company. Some years later, I found myself loosing my entrepreneurial flair, and decided to step into my entrepreneurial passions again.

In 2003 I moved back to Cape Town, and founded a commercial water treatment company. After 5 years I was deeply involved in customer interactions, staff issues, operational problems, etc. I felt as if I'm not living my full potential. I knew what I wanted, and saw the potential, but somehow I couldn't achieve it. 

I was looking for answers, and found a business mentor. And boy, did he wake me up to a sobering truth.... I was STUCK in my business. Yes, after 5 years of running my business, I was working hard IN my business, and not ON my business. 

I wanted leverage, a great lifestyle. Man, I wanted sustainable profits and making an impact in the world. This opened a whole new discovery of personal development and growing. 

I started and operated multiple businesses, and understand the unique struggles of working ON your business and not IN your business. 

Work With Me:
Understand how future business trends WILL impact your business, and to capitalise on them NOW. 
I help ambitious entrepreneurs - people like you - to work strategically ON your business. Get clarity, tools, and be accountable to build businesses that can run profitably without you. 

- Scale and build a high growth business
- Prepare your business for a strategic sell at maximum value
- Create a business to run profitably without you

Invite me to speak at your company, event or network.
- Future business trends – and making sense of them now
- The 8 fundamentals to drive growth and value in your business
- Don't manage your time – Master it
- Leadership and legacy – develop your A-player team


My Family :

I'm happily married to an amazing lady, my Kristell. We are blessed with 2 wonderful kids - Jessi & Skye.

We enjoy quality time together - exploring new places, the outdoors, travelling, good coffee, eating experiences with friends, laughing and having loads of fun around the house.  

I enjoy personal development, reading, DIY projects, golf. MTB...and any sporting fun with friends.

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