After helping to scale the young and vibrant Industrial Automation IT company, we were acquired by corporate IT. 3 years later, tired of corporate life, I started my own business again.

5 years of growth, sweat and tears - I knew my business had massive potential, but somehow I could not unlock it.
I was frustrated - and knew things had to change...
It was time to take my business to the next level.
I appointed a business strategist to help us turn our Potential into real growth.
With this outside perspective and strength - we created a solid strategy and executed with passion. After 12 months we had more money in the bank than ever. This clarity and data helped us to strategically position our business to investors for maximum value, and sold for a wholesome deal.

The last 20 years, I've started, operated, and helped multiple businesses with this High Growth strategy.

Work With Me:
Understand how future business trends WILL impact your business, and to capitalise on them NOW. 
I help ambitious CEO’s and executive teams - people like you - to scale your business with proven 10x business growth strategies.

✔ Grow and Scale 10 times
Proven 10x strategies to scale and achieve maximum potential (keep or sell)
Scale a business that can run profitably without you

✔ Discover Your Real Profit Potential
Get away from selling hourly rates
Get away from competing on price
Get away from starting each month at zero sales
Scale 10x

✔ The NEW way to attract and retain customers
Determine which emerging trends will impact your business
Position your business to increase current market share
Position your business to expand into new markets

Invite me to speak at your company, event or network.
- Future business trends – and making sense of them now
- The 8 fundamentals to drive growth and value in your business
- Don't manage your time – Master it
- Leadership and legacy – develop your A-player team


My Family :

I'm happily married to an amazing lady, my Kristell. We are blessed with 2 wonderful kids - Jessi & Skye.

We enjoy quality time together - exploring new places, the outdoors, travelling, good coffee, eating experiences with friends, laughing and having loads of fun around the house.  

I enjoy personal development, reading, DIY projects, golf. MTB...and any sporting fun with friends.

family ruben & kristell.jpg