KEY # 3: CONQUER YOUR EMAILS  Emails Filters & Rules

Emails Filters & Rules

How many of us suffer from email misery?

We are bombarded with emails every day. Anything from urgent matters to really good newsletters to lame jokes from friends. Although every bit in me wanted to prioritise my emails, I just couldn't master this one. I tried various techniques – I switched off all email notifications - I deleted the email app from my cellphone – moving emails into various folders – on and on. But this just delayed my problem of email misery.

One day I heard a simple tip....just filter EVERYTHING non-important into a separate folder called “Daily Scan”

I implemented it immediately.... and conquered my email misery in 15 minutes. I almost couldn't believe how easy it was....yes, I mastered my emails.

I can now check my emails anytime of the day, without distractions. At the end of my day I go through my Daily Scan folder to read, laugh, reply... or do whatever I want to do with it.

I can even ignore that folder for a day or more – how about that!! Now I'm in charge. That's called time mastery.

PS: The success to keep the email weeds out is to CONSTANTLY filter anything and everything that is not vitally important into your Daily Scan folder.

Exercise C: Open your email system. Create a new folder called “Daily Scan”.

Search for “email rules” in the help menu or just type your email system name and “email rules” into a Google search. (eg, Outlook 2016 email rules).

Follow the instructions and create filters for your emails now.

My short conclusion.

The BIGGEST key is still to do something now. Go ahead... implement just one thing right now. Master your time - create the business and life you desire.