KEY # 1: CONTROL YOUR WEEK  The Weekly Review

The Weekly Review

Control your week with alone time to review your calendar and life - to plan the week ahead.

It is so important to my existence – yes existence!! This key will make or break my effectiveness in the next week, and will impact every area of my life. I make sure to schedule 50 minutes sometime over the weekend for my Weekly Review. (trust me, Monday is too late for this)

I found this concept in David Allen's “Getting Things Done” book. Here's a much simplified version how I
implement it:

Step1: Review the previous week's calendar.

I simply check and score my effectiveness and achievements for each task I planned. I must say, this step is a wake-up call in itself... but don't be too tough on yourself. This mostly gives me joy to see what I've achieved, and where I can improve. I make notes which tasks I missed or where further action is needed.

Step2: Review my notebook to check any items I still need to action. Write them down.

Step3: Plan the upcoming week (this is the most important step)

* I look at my 90 day goals, my yearly goals, my dreams, all projects I'm involved with, outstanding items and personal chores and decide which tasks I simply HAVE TO accomplish within the next week. I then start to engineer them into my calendar – scheduling, moving and editing what is critical and important for the week ahead.

* I add a repeat in my calendar for frequent tasks to make weekly planning easier.

* I use Google Calendar. If you're operating on multiple devices, running a family or a team, then Google calendar will immediately synced your entries to everyone's devices. It really works for my family and team.

PS: Don't overbook your calendar... it will kill you. Next week's review will expose your over- or under-commitment. Don't worry to get it perfect... you will exercise this planning skill, and get better, and better.