KEY # 2: CUT YOUR TODO LIST  Priority Listing

Priority Listing

I use this key to effectively steer my way through the demands of lists and todo's. This is vital to use when scheduling your upcoming week in key 1 – Control Your Week. It's also very useful to get clarity about any area of my life. Use this key to execute a super effective week, day... and even the home “do it yourself” list.

Step 1. I write a list of everything into 2 columns on a page – left column for important tasks, and right column for trivial / personal tasks.

Step 2. I then number the tasks in order of importance. Keep the 2 columns separate.

Step 3. Rewrite the tasks in order of importance. I just book them immediately into the upcoming week's calendar.

Step 4. Action the most important tasks first. Remember to focus on 1 task at a time, complete it, and move to the next. While working on the task, eliminate any distractions such as cellphone, emails, and more. This is tough, but be intentional to focus on this 1 task.

Step 5. Repeat this process for every weekly review, daily focus or project breakdown to get clarity on the tasks to take you to success.

PS! Don't carry items over and start with them first. Make a fresh list every time, and follow the system. 

Important comment on Time Mastery Key #1 and Key #2
Honestly... some days I still struggle – maybe I'm just too hard on myself... or maybe I want it perfect. The success to time mastery is to get back up immediately. How do you get back from sliding into that ditch Ruben? I stop everything I'm busy with. I take a pen and paper, and go sit in a quite place. I follow these keys to regroup.... and then explode into massive effectiveness.