Program 3 - Trends in Marketing

Join me today as we talk about “marketing to the audience of one”. In this episode I stressed the importance of profiling the audience and communicating directly to that level, thus fulfilling the effort of reaching out to the target audience in a meaningful way.

Program 2 - Improving Business Processes with the Help of Technology

In this podcast episode, I will be talking to you about how we used technology to create a clever process of communication to help a consulting firm deliver monthly reports effortlessly.

And also in this program video, we are sharing with you 4 easy points that you need to consider when implementing technology in your business.

Program 1 - Promote your Business with Video

In this episode, I am sharing with you how we were able to help a forklift company showcase their value to their customers by leverage with the help of technology. I hope that this episode will inspire you to get you started and show your target audience what your company is made of.