I’ve recently helped a forklift and engineering company to position their business in a very attractive way. Understanding where the future is heading, we looked at their target audience and planned a series of short videos that showcase their workshop and their operations. This is of a “behind-the-scene” look into what’s happening at this forklift company.

Some of the videos we showcased the clever ways that they do in-house engineering to provide some of those more tougher parts needed for forklifts that’s not available off the shelf from suppliers. And also, the way that they work and do some clever techniques in the back in a workshop. So we showcase all of these things that they use to make their brand stand out and show that to the clients and position their business that people can see that it’s a company of integrity, the quality of workmanship and that people can be drawn to that. And that’s how easy it is to position use business or product by using real videos.

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Maybe you’re asking yourself, “how can you use video to promote your business or your product?” Here’s the key….any business can use video to showcase what they do and what they’re offering. Yes, any business.

If we look at the future of business and the future of technology, that is where we need to go is to showcase the real stuff that we do in our business or the product and the benefits that our product provide to the market in small snippets of 30 seconds to one minute. And that’s what people are looking for, more and more so. Let me give you an example: For today, up to now, there are 5.9 billion Google searches. What is interesting is 6.4 billion Youtube videos were watched today.

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That should give us a hint and an indication where things are going.

So let me make this practical for you.

The tool that you can use in your business to promote your business into the future can be video. Now if i say video, let me clarify there, it is real video. And yes, it’s as simple as using your cellphone - so it’s available for everyone. Look at your cellphone and realize that your business exposure and the potential growth of your business is that glass surface with a tiny camera at the back of it - there has got massive power.

Grab your phone, switch to video mode and document what you are doing - walk through your office, document something that’s great about your company, about your culture, about what you do, about how you engage with your clients. If you go to a factory, take a video about something that’s happening in your factory to showcase. Call it “behind-the-scene stuff” that people can see that you are real company with a real premise or real stuff that you’re doing in your business. So those are some of the things that we can immediately do without real big planning to do a  production video, which is not needed.

Our cellphones are the stuff that is just is bringing out the light of realness in our business. So, the key here is to say, “well, let me take a video that‘s under two minutes.” That’s challenging enough. If you really wanna have challenge, take a video under one minute, or under 30 seconds and have those small snippets available of the cool stuff or the real stuff that you do in your business.


If you’re a bit shy for doing a video, then take your camera right now and take a selfie. Show the world out there something about your brand, that you are in business. Show them something about your company - maybe just a photo of what you are doing right now, and load that to social media. The key here is to be strategic about what you bring across in that message. You want to show people that you are real, that you’ve got products and services that you are passionate about. Well, these are some of the ideas, there’s loads of ideas that we can brainstorm.

So, I just want to give you the key from today to take home……. promote your business using real video.

And remember, video is like pizza - it even tastes good when it’s cold !!

If you want to know how to use video in your business, then reach out to me at businesstrends.co.za.