How to improve your business processes with the help of technology?

One of our clients run a national business with consulting and training services to large companies that send participants on a 12 month program. They constantly struggled to get vital information from the program participants to help them succeed. The real challenge was to provide reporting to the companies each month that would showcase growth and success with the participants.

At the end of each month, the management team where pushing crazy hours to crunch incomplete information into sensable reports.

We helped them to implement a clever business system to collect this vital information, and changed the month-end stress levels and crazy hours completely.

The system they implemented is: “WhatsApp as a business tool”.

Whatsapp as a business tool?

Yes, this was the easiest way to drive the communication and feedback, and collect info for reporting. Now, let me clarify this: WhatsApp for business is not a real product - it’s just using Whatsapp in a fresh way to help them facilitate critical communication flow they needed in the business.


Within three months, we saved the management team five days per month by implementing this system. Now imagine if you can save one day or week in your busy calendar. We just need be strategic about your business processes, and implement clever systems to save you time and headaches.

If you want to regain control of your business, and your time, maybe one of these tools could be as simple like using WhatsApp in a clever way.

Where do you to start? I’m so glad you asked…


Make time, sit down in a “happy space”, and define exactly what is the communication interaction in the various parts of your business. Look at your admin, look at your sales, look at your  operations, and you ask yourself: “Can I maybe use a tool like WhatsApp or a admin person to drive some of the communication in my business?”

I find a lot of times that entrepreneurs need to increase the communication in their business between the departments as well as to their clients. And when we implement a system where we can facilitate the communication, all of a sudden you’ve got hours that you save within your business and for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the amount of energy that you spend day-to-day just to remember some of the admin stuff. Does this ring a bell? Eg. “I have to call the supplier to follow up something”, “Follow up to get the info from my client.”

Is it possible that an admin system or admin person with a clear communication system can help you reduce your workload, something like WhatsApp?

Your business breakthrough is often unlocked by strategically thinking about complex problems in a fresh way. If you want to implement clever business systems or improve some of your processes, reach out to me at