It seems like time management ideas are as short-lived as most diets.

So Ruben, why then even bother to try?
In fact, you can't stop, control or even manage this time thing. BUT, be intentional, and let time work for you, to create the business and life you desire. That's called Time Mastery.

The TRUTH I found... through hours of reading, implementing, trying, and trying some more.
PS!! If you make it REALLY SIMPLE, it really works, and is really worth it.

In the next 50 minutes, I'll help you to implement 3 simple keys to take control of your time, and save 10+ hours per week.
Imagine for a moment what you can do with an extra 10 hours per week?
Yes, really imagine... what life will be like with 10 extra hours every week... hmm.


I remember a time, when my days was filled with uncontrolled busyness. I was just reacting to, anything and everything coming my way. My time was filled with stuff... but so many important things where left undone. I convinced myself that I was so “busy”, and did not have the time to get to the important things. Days, weeks, and even months went by with some things never getting done. Does this sound familiar?

One day I found a very old todo list, and was shocked to see many items on that list still outstanding. Man, that was a wakeup call!!
This had to STOP!!

So, I plunged into reading books on time management, productivity and self management. I was hungry, and implemented various systems over time... abandoning most of them. But, some concepts worked, and it felt more natural to integrate them into my routine. Soon I realised how much these three simple keys made such a BIG impact in my life.  

I trust these 3 simple keys will help you to master your time... to create the business and life you desire.